Education and Humanity

Education and humanity is interrelated.Education is the thing that makes a man human.It is rationality which creates the difference between human being and other animals.Man is rational as he is born in a society where there is the sign of rationality that means the abode of human being.From the family where he was born gets the first education.He learns there the family does.From the very beginning of life we try to imitate what we see to do by the others.Gradually we learn through the surroundings and the society.If we look through the pattern of behavior in different society,we will find some differences

Among them.This is because we start to learn first from the family as well as the society.


Humanity is the thing which is gifted by the creator.But it is certain that education makes a man human.What we learn from the family or from the society is the outcome of education of the respected family or society.As man grows up in a family or a society,he/she becomes rational gradually.But the other species that born and live in there

respective society learn what is taught in that society.As they are devoid of education,

There is no sign of rationality among them.They do what their species do.They can not make any judgement.This species are born and die without leaving any sign of glory that can be imparted to the next generation.They are born and die unknowingly.But in the society of human being we find the importance of the past work done or executed by the ancestors.We are going ahead by following the footprint of the ancestors.Once there

was no institution where they could receive education.But with the passage of time they

realized the importance of education and that urged them to make institution where they received education according to their needs.This is the age of science and we are living in the advanced world happily because of the effort made by the ancestors.We now can easily share everything across the world as we have advanced communication system.How and why this is happening.In the past men received education in the respective field what was needed for the society and their livelihood.Likewise we are now receiving education according to the need of the society.The branches of education

is created because of the need we want to fulfill.


Humanity is an abstract thing which is bestowed on man.It may be an educated or an uneducated man has humanity and rationality.But those are educated is expected to be more rational and humane.As human being we have rationality but it is noticed that an educated man can behave more human attitude than an uneducated man.Here lies the

Question of the importance of education.


Humanity and education are the two words but having the same meaning.Where there is humanity there is the touch of education.We live in the society but all are not equal.Some lead honest life and some follow the path of dishonesty.Both of them may be educated but not properly educated.The man who follow the path of honesty is sure to be properly


What is the aim of education?Education makes a man rational and humanee.But if it absent in the character of a n educated man,what is the reason?Most of the people now are educated but not behaving as expected from them.Most of them are selfish.They do that what is beneficial to them without considering the harm that may be caused by their work.They only run after material development.Is this education?If we look through the world today then it will be clear to us.The most important thing is the liberal education which can change the attitude of the world.


In the context,we hope the rationality among the human being.Humanity makes a man perfect .If it is absent from the character of man then he is no better than a beast.


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The history of education.

What is education?

Education is the main object that is natural.It brings the rational attitude of any species.We are human beings learning things from the nature as well as society.

The other species like cattle or the same learns from their own habitation or from        

Nature.They are our first teachers.As men or the other species pass a long way of life they learn individually according to their needs.


Stages of education.

Life is a long journey.It passes different stages like childhood,teenage.adulthood and oldhood.After these periods our ultimate abode will take us from the mundane world.we will enter into another world that is called heaven.From the very moment of our birth we have started to learn.We notice that the children try to imitate the things the olders around them do.After some years the children start to go to an institution to get education.But the other species except Human beings do not have the opportunity or need to attend in an institutional education.This makes the differcences between human beings and the other species.We the human beings are gifted with vast opportunities.That is why we are the best creation of god.After childhood when the teenage comes our attitude changes.we try to think about good and bad.At the age of 18 or more which we know as adulthood we become rational.Again at one point of life we behave like the children.In this period the more we grow old, the more we begin to forget and show our attitude just like a child.In fact we are moving through the stages of life.All the stages of life give us ample opportunity of learning.


History of education.

The history of education is as old as the history of men.With the passage of time we are now in the advanced age which is embellished with the help of education.If we peep through the ages of our ancestors we find nothing important that was done by them.The first man in the world whom we know as Adam or Monu had nothing to do but when he and his wife were expelled from the heaven they began to find out the sources of leading life.In that period there was no opportunity of schooling.They learnt things from the nature or the surroundings.But gradually man started to realize the importance of institutional education.The need of living compelled them to think about learning and making them advanced.If we study the life cycle of our ancestors we find that there was no opportunity of writing or reading.As there was no letters they could not write or read.But they used to write the important matters by using some symbols.It shows us the idea of the history of education.They did things according to their needs.For example we can study the history of the Greks or the Romans.In ancient Greece education become widespread as the art of writing was invented.They used to send their male children to school.Education was not for the general people then but a privilege for the chosen few who played strategic roles in the running of the states or religion.The Greeks coqured the Romans and the Romans under Greeks influence developed a strong tradition of literacy.However,they taught their children about warfare and agriculture.What was the motive behind their education over only warfare or agriculture?They wanted to become free from the Greek domination and to live a healthy and happy life.This story tells us the history of education.Man started to gain knowledge only for the need they had to face.Now there are many branches of knowledge and these are implemented according to the needs of human being.


Formal and informal education.

The education we now receive from an institution like a school,college or university is refered to as formal education.Apart from institution we learn from our surroundings that is called informal education.The education imparted by the institutions helps us to make our livelihood.But the education we receive from nature or by the surroundings helps us to become liberal.At present liberal educatiojn is absent from the mind of our students.That is why there is chaos and confusion everywhere in the world.There is rest and peace in the world and this is because of the lack of liberal education.


The Message.

Education makes a man perfact in the ways of life.But if we receive education only for material purposes then it will give us nothing but unrestness of the world.So the mingle of liberal and practical education is a must for the coming period to make life comfortable and this will add the meaning of life.




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